How to earn Up to ₦ 10,000 Daily with Chipper Cash App

Chipper Cash App is an app used to send and receive money in African countries for free! Available in 8 countries today, with many more coming soon… (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and even in the United Kingdom)

This means that you can refer someone in Ghana or other African countries

You also get a cashback and earn extra cash when you purchase airtime, pay bills with chipper cash

Chipper cash pays you ₦ 400 naira for anyone you refer, and ₦ 250 to your friends when they verify their account and sends money with the app. It might look small till you refer like 10-20 people and see how you smile

Registration is free

Let’s get started!!!

  1. Download the chipper cash app here from the Google Play Google Play or from the Apple App Store 
  1. Those Using Vivo (Chinese phone) without play store can download the files here chippercash

3. Open free account with your details, name, phone number or email address. A link will be sent to your email address which you will verify by clicking on it. (I recommend you use phone number for easy verification)

4. Go to profile section in the app click on “Get verified” and begin your verification. Your camera opens automatically.

You have to snap a valid ID Card (Voters card, National ID, and so on.) for verification. (for quick verification take a good picture of your ID in a lighted environment) You are also required to take a picture of you holding the ID in other to confirm is your ID.

Note: You can also verify with your BVN. The app is 100% registered and secured.

It only need your BVN so they can verify your account. And you can use any of the ID cards mentioned above to verify if you are scared of verifying with BVN.

5. 10 Naira credited to your account after you successfully signed up.

6. Go to earn section in the app click on enter referral code, and enter this code: TTYXW

   (make sure you use this code: TTYXW in other to earn ₦ 400 naira after registration)

Note: You need to send money out to someone and receives money too with the app to start earning.

So, send me your chipper tag name (e.g. @charlescash) using the WhatsApp icon at the bottom left on this website for me to send you money which you will also send it back to start earning.

BONUS!!! To earn up to ₦ 10,000 daily, click on Earn section copy your referral link and share it to your friends. if they register through your link and verifies their account both of will receive ₦ 400 each. like I said before it might look small till you refer like 10-20 people and see how u smile

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